Reiki: How we use it.

The most often questions I get asked by folks are what is Reiki and what is it good for? Reiki is a hands on healing system thousands of years old. It is the transmission of universal life-force energy from the practitioner to the client. The practitioner is merely the channel by which this energy flows through. Reiki is also spiritually guided and because of this fact it knows right where to go to help the client with whatever the issue or condition that they may be dealing with.

Our Reiki Masters here at Subtle Energies use Reiki and Urevia to clean and charge the Chakra system of the body. Chakra’s are the energy portholes of the body by which we can process universal life force energy and if they become clogged or shut down as a result of our body being exposed to negative energy in our environment then the entire body does not function effectively. When we use Reiki or Urevia to rebalance the body’s energy system the body begins to function in a normal way. This creates a situation where we begin to feel centered, balanced and whole. Reiki and Urevia both work powerfully on all levels of our being. They work on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes. When all the parts of ourselves are working together in harmony we become calm, peaceful and pleasant to be around. We can enhance the quality of our life and the quality of the lives of those people that are closest to us by being aware of how our body feels and doing everything that we can to create that state of being which is balanced, centered and whole.

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In the Light
Reiki Master/Teacher

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