Integrated Healing

When I started Subtle Energies, Inc. about a year ago I had no idea that our associate practitioners would become so diversified. If you listen closely, the universe will bring in the right energy that is needed for an organization.

And so it is with Subtle Energies. We have a group of independent professionals who have come together united in a common goal, to help facilitate the healing of others.

This diversification of practitioners has provided Subtle Energies, Inc. with the ability to offer an integrated approach to healing for its customers. We now offer massage therapy, psychic consultations, sessions with a licensed counselor, and of course Reiki and Urevia healing sessions. We can now work more effectively to handle issues that deal with the physical body, the spiritual parts of ourselves, and the mental emotional states of our being.

We are finding that when clients have an issue they want help with, it requires different types of therapies to be used together in such a way as to bring about an integration of healing. In this way we can have a greater impact of helping our clients achieve wholeness. If you have any issue or issues that you feel you need help with, please feel free to call us at the Center to find out how we may be of service to you.

If you have entered the site via this page please take a few moments to explore the rest of our site by visiting our home page. We offer a variety of metaphysical services as well as classes, and healing tools.

In the Light
Reiki Master/Teacher




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