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Harmony DX Package





The new "Harmony DX Package" includes, the Harmony DX Table, Flex Headrest, Armsling, and the Harmony DX Carry Case

A great value which is easy on your wallet.

Our Harmony DX  is our most economically priced full-size massage table. It is built with the same quality and care that our customers have come to expect from Earthlite.  Our  Harmony Package is a value that cannot be beat, comfortable and economical.

Our "Harmony DX Package" is our most economically priced full-size massage table package. It is built with the same quality and care that our customers have come to expect from Earthlite. Our "Harmony DX" features our easy-to-use cradle lock cable system and will holdover 2,500 pounds of static weight. Its two and one half inches of medium density foam and headrest outlet at one end, make our  Harmony comfortable and economical.

The Harmony DX is similar to the Avalon except that it has fewer color selections, a more limited warranty, and no other height, width or fabric options are available. The Harmony will accept all of the accessories as any other table of the Earthlite product line. This was done to help lower the cost. If price is major issue give the Harmony your consideration. It's an outstanding table package for the Price. 

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                                                             Available in Teal,    Agate,    Burgundy,   and    Black    Nature's touch vinyl. 

Regular Retail Price $309.00

Call and receive a Harmony DX Package  for the Special Price of $289.00.  An additional $35.00 for shipping will apply. If you have any questions or to place an order you can call me at 1-800-260-4544.  Sincerely Ken Gray

Thinking about buying two or more tables at once? By combining orders {further discounts} may be available as well as the potential for combined savings on shipping cost.  To place an order or to make an inquiry please call Ken at 1-800-260-4544 or email us at

2 year warranty •Weight: 31 lbs. (for 29" x 73" table) •Width: 29"   •Adjustable Height Range: 23"-33"   •2-1/2" medium density foam •Ventura vinyl: in the available colors of Teal, Agate Blue, Burgundy or Black.

Key Features

Handcrafted hardwood Maple Frame with quality Russian Birch Decking.

Patented Mid-Brace, Cradle Lock Cabling system for added stability.

Milled and assembled to Earthlite's tight manufacturing tolerances.

Soft and Durable PU Nature's Soft Vinyl in four colors.

2-1/2 " deluxe CFC - free cushioning, soft sure grip knobs, soft double stitched handles. 

Package includes the deluxe adjustable headrest and a carrycase.

Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Ordering Policies and Information

Subtle Energies doesn’t carry an inventory of tables due to the fact that it is impossible to predict what you the customer will want {ie.color, height range, and width of table}. It is standard policy to place your order via the secure order form or the  telephone and we will place your specific order with Earthlite to your particular requirements. Earthlite will then build your table and ship direct to you anywhere in the U.S.A. via U.P.S. All orders for product must be pre-paid to Subtle Energies before being called in to the factory. We have found the folks at Earthlite to be very easy and efficient to work with. Free brochures are available upon request. Remember we are here for you the customer, customer satisfaction is our most important concern.

To order your tailor made Reiki or massage table call me Ken Gray at Local (269) 671-4455 or Toll Free within the U.S.A. at 1-800-260-4544.


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