Karuna® Reiki?

One of the healing systems my wife and I teach here at Subtle Energies is Karuna Reiki®. The word Karuna® is a Sanskrit word and appears in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Zen. It is translated to mean any action that is taken to diminish the suffering of others and could also be translated to mean, (compassionate action). In the same way that you would want to heal your own wounds it is natural for you to extend compassionate action or Karuna®® to others without distinction because we are all connected and part of the whole of humanity. As we help others in aiding their healing process, all humanity benefits.

In Buddhist literature it is stated that Karuna must be accompanied by

Parjina or wisdom in order to be effective. With Karuna® Reiki you may develop more of this wisdom to use in your daily life as well as in your interactions with others. Karuna® Reiki opens you to work more closely with all enlightened beings such as Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, or Archangels. These being are waiting to share their guidance, protection and their wisdom with us. By learning and accessing the Karuna® Reiki energy the pathways to this communication become more open and clear.

When this deep healing takes place along with the attunements of the Karuna® energies the student will become more aware spiritually and psychically of other realms and other beings of existence.

Each of the symbols and energies of Karuna® are very specific to healing specific issues, which we as healers may encounter. One of the benefits of this Retreat is that extensive work is done with the students "Shadow Self", that part of us which is the last to heal. We often ignore or dismiss the shadow side of ourselves and sometimes we pretend that this part of us is not there. It is through getting in touch with our shadow self and communicating with it that we can then become whole and truly healed. We provide special activities in this Retreat that bring the Shadow Self into awareness and it is done in a safe loving atmosphere. The connections and friendships between students that are made during this Retreat are very special and the memories that you will take away from this Retreat will last a lifetime.

Karuna Testimonials

Linda Ross-Sides - - The Subtle Energies Karuna® Retreat was wonderful.  It was much more a holistic experience than I had ever expected. Becoming attuned to the Karuna® healing energies was powerful. The new energies are vital for emotional healing work, and it is exciting to work with energies that I can direct for specific needs. My clients have commented on the increase in healing energy. However, the personal healing I gained at the retreat was equally important to the experience. With guidance and assistance from our leaders, Ken and Dana, we spent many hours individually and in group work delving into our unconscious, or "shadow selves", getting in touch with and releasing old patterns that have kept us from full health. The drumming circle on Friday night, followed by the sweat lodge on Saturday were unique spiritual experiences and they really aided in the releasing process. Our group also bonded strongly and we made life-long connections.

Kelli Bond - - As she waited by the fire for the drumming to begin-she could only wonder what the experience would be like. This was the first time she had ever been to a Native American Drumming Circle. At first the beat began slowly, but soon the tempo picked up. The heat of the fire and the echo in the pavilion soon added to the excitement. She found herself dancing and participating fully with the ancient beat. She felt the music inside her, she felt the drumming as a living, pulsating being outside herself and she knew with out a doubt that the " Ancient One's " were dancing with her. That was just one of my fabulous experiences at the Karuna® Retreat With Ken & Dana. There were so many that time and space won't permit me to include them here. However, if you should ever have the opportunity to participate in one of their Karuna® Retreats I strongly suggest that you do. Your experience could only be better.


We do not have a Karuna® Retreat scheduled at present please visit the Karuna® Reiki Class page for more information on this class.

 In the Light Ken 

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